Personal Corded Body Sponge

Our personal sized corded body sponge is cut to fit your hand. When submersed in water and drizzled with your favourite soap, your Annapolis Valley Luffa becomes luxuriously soft on your body. Increasing blood circulation, cleaning you pores and refreshing your skin. No need to compromise sustainability for luxury.

Care Instructions

5″x5″ Multi-Scrubber

Our Multi-Scrubber, as its name suggests, is pleasingly effective for your daily scrubbing needs.

Once cut flat, for versatility, your Luffa fibre is fabulous in the kitchen as a dish cloth & “no-scratch” scrubber. While, thinner ones are luxurious when used to wash your body. Your Luffa fibre is locally grown, here in NS. Best of all! Luffa is renewable, sustainable, and a front-runner for zero-waste. With no micro-plastics involved!

Care Instructions

Small, Medium & Large Luffa

Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs, whether in the bathroom, kitchen, workshop or greenhouse.
Care : Hang to dry after use or,  check out our care instructions