5″ of Luffa with a cord

Our personal sized corded body sponge is cut to fit your hand. When submersed in water and drizzled with your favourite soap, your Annapolis Valley Luffa becomes luxuriously soft on your body. Increasing blood circulation, cleaning you pores and refreshing your skin. No need to compromise sustainability for luxury.

Care Instructions

5″x5″ Multi-Scrubber

Our Multi-Scrubber, as its name suggests, is pleasingly effective for your daily scrubbing needs.

Once cut flat, for versatility, your Luffa fibre is fabulous in the kitchen as a dish cloth & “no-scratch” scrubber. While, thinner ones are luxurious when used to wash your body. Your Luffa fibre is locally grown, here in NS. Best of all! Luffa is renewable, sustainable, and a front-runner for zero-waste. With no micro-plastics involved!

Care Instructions

Luffa Party Pack

When you want to pamper yourself, and celebrate your whole body … and you can’t decide which piece of luffa fibre to use … Use them all !!

 Our Party Pack has five 8 cm discs of graduated fibre. 

1 is soft enough for delicate skin.
1 is tough enough for the soles of your feet.     
Plus 3 more pieces are of subtly varied fibres, good for all parts in between.

Care Instructions


Three +/-  4″ triangles of stiffer fibre

These 3 pieces of luffa fibre are great for scrubbing your veg, weather the fibre is wet or dry.
To clear your fibre of potato skins, debris, etc.,  just rinse in fresh water and I use a flicking motion into the sink. I find vegetable parings to fall out easily. 

Care Instructions

Luffa Pocket

This is a puffy, hand-sized luffa pocket, with a satin drawstring. Your pocket will hold onto the suds well. I like how it’s so puffy in my hand. And the satin against your skin is an added luxury. Your pocket comes with a sample soap by: Seaweed Natural Soaps

Care Instructions

Luffa For Your Back

Yes! The one for your Back is Here!!

With a big shout-out to Jane Lulu Kerr  for her gorgeous hourglass figure. 
 – 10 ” of luffa and 35 ” of Cord.  
 – Put your finger in one loop, throw it over that same shoulder, and you should easily be able to reach around with the opposite hand to grab the loop at the other end.

I put my luffa in hot water for 2 or 3 minutes, until the fibres become hydrated and softer. Then it sure feels great as I maneuver it to all those far-reaching places on my back.

Care Instructions

Soap Savers

3 thinly sliced cross-cut luffa

Place in your soap dish to rest your bar of soap on. This    allows your soap to dry between uses and last longer. When you wish to freshen your soap saver … I use mine to freshen the sink or scrub my hands after gardening … then rinse with fresh water and your cute little luffa circles are ready to go again!

Care Instructions

Zero Waste Corner

This time of year, for the love of the fibre, my sister has made Dragon Flies and Owls for Sun Catchers as well as Bird Pies !!

Also, we sell scrap ends by the ounce (approximately a 5 inch ball)

Care Instructions

Small, Medium & Large Luffa

Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs, whether in the bathroom, kitchen, workshop or greenhouse.
Care : Hang to dry after use or,  check out our care instructions