I respectfully acknowledge that I live and work in the unceded traditional territory of Mi’kmaq People.  We are all treaty people.

We believe in the environmental achievements of the luffa plant, from its growing process to its ultimate use in Canadians’ lives.

The possibilities for good in terms of luffa gourd are varied, many and significant. Luffa (loofa, loofah) sponge is the poster child for zero – waste and sustainability.  It is a semi-tropical member of the cucurbit family that is grown for its fibre. This naturally formed fibre is luxurious on your body, known to increase blood circulation, clean your pores and refresh your skin. No need to compromise sustainability for luxury.

This unique Canadian Luffa is grown organically in Nova Scotia, providing satisfying choices for earth-friendly citizens.

Initially, my knowledge of luffa was as a sea sponge.  However a few years ago I discovered its use as a reusable, hollow oleophilic fibrous sorbent of oil off of water. A versatile and environmentally friendly product in an environmentally unfriendly climate.

When cut open, flat, your Luffa becomes pleasingly utilitarian, while still having the familiar feel of a cloth. I love mine in the kitchen for a dish cloth! Luffa is excellent for cleaning dishes, pots and pans, non – scratch cookware & stove top, appliances, shower surround, your car & boat, to name a few, with no plastic bits going down your drain. The thinner ones are luxurious as a face cloth for use on your body. Some believe you should brush towards your heart.

After much use, and your Luffa is getting near the end of its life, it is fully compostable. However in a plight for zero – waste, you can use as a painting medium for giving texture. You can put in the bottom of your plant pots so soil doesn’t come out the holes, or put your seeds and soil directly on the luffa (flat) as a seed starter strip.

Because it is grown on organically certified soil, Annapolis Valley Luffa is vegan friendly, grown with loving care in Kings county, Nova Scotia.  Annapolis Valley Luffa is giving Canadians positive choice, one luffa at a time. We hope to inspire your interest in allowing luffa gourd to be one important product in our daily lives that can make positive change possible, in our aim to be more zero – waste, sustainable, responsible citizens.

You can find us at a variety of farm markets across Nova Scotia. Check our Facebook page to see where we are this week.

Caring for your Luffa

Please rinse and allow your luffa to dry thoroughly after each use.

You may sanitize by doing any of these methods:

  • Put in boiling water for 10 minutes
  • Steam for 10 minutes
  • Hang outside in sun (high UV day)
  • Dip in hydrogen peroxide then, dip in white vinegar
  • A mild bleach solution

Luffa is dishwasher safe but may reduce luffa lifespan.

When used in the kitchen luffa does not harbour odour like a dishcloth.

Annapolis Valley Luffa is happy to be growing to twice the production this year!

As well, I’d like to say special Thank You’s to all the wonderful folks who have assisted in the manifestation of my Luffa dream.

– TapRoot Farms for leasing their beautiful organic soil!

– Jessi Gillis and Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre for assisting with our branding, and marketing strategies.

– FarmWorks Investment Co-Op for mentoring in business and crop advise, as well as funding. Also, these great folks push my Luffa in social media more times then I even know.

– Scott Farms of Canard, NS. for the workability in the use of a fabulous facility to finish the luffa for market.

– St. Mary’s Entrepreneur Centre for providing assistance in business development.

Marina von Stackelberg of CBC News for her fabulous article on Aug 9,2018.

Emily Leeson of Rural Delivery Magazine for her great article in Dec 2018 issue and DVL publishing.

– Niki Jabbour of News 95.7

– Kate Kirkpatric of Halifax Bloggers & Select Nova Scotia for their inclusion of me in the Local Wishlist.

– The numerous Farm Markets,and Retail stores that have helped us get this wonderful product into your hands – See the list here.

– To my sisters & brothers, especially Lolly.

– To all the start-up supporters who helped me get established.

– and finally to all my customers – Thank you.

From our Customers

– Sandra Deveau Swinkels

I just bought one of your luffas at the Sunflower Natural Foods. I just used it in the bath tub, I love it! Way to go!

– Jane Kerr

A great product, locally grown by a hardworking woman, dedicated to providing an environmentally sound luffa!

– Judy Parsons

This is a must in the bath/shower. it makes your skin feel sooooo great! Locally grown organically. Good for scrubbing pots & vegetables as well as your body.
You might want to get the neat wee POT scrubbers for that though. AND it leaves no plastic residue to clog up the oceans and drains. Love it.