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I respectfully acknowledge how fortunate I am to live and work in the unceded traditional territory of the Mi’kmaq People. We are all treaty people.

In this beautiful region, also called the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada, we are proud to offer a Locally Grown Luffa (loofa, loofah) gourd for folks in all the northern reaches of this Turtle Island.

Luffa is a sponge-like fibre that is known, through time, to have health giving properties when used on your skin. They claim that Cloepatra used luffa daily and this is one reason she was so radiantly beautiful.

When submersed in warm water and the fibers become hydrated Luffa increases blood circulation. It has come to be known to reduce cellulite, stimulate your lymphatic system as well as your adrenal system.
Sustainable, Renewable and Vegan-Friendly

To celebrate Seniors Week, the Nova Scotia Government is sharing my story. Check out the video above of me as part of the Change Makers of Nova Scotia.


Annapolis Valley Luffa is now available across Canada. For a full list of our current retailers click the big green button below.



Sustainability is a critical value for Annapolis Valley Luffa founder, Cindy Oulton. With some help from mother nature, Annapolis Valley Luffa products are locally grown and developed through Cindy's hard work, dedication and love for the environment.




Our personal sized, corded body sponge is luxurious on your body. This sponge is known to increase your blood circulation, clean your pores and refresh your skin. No need to compromise sustainability for luxury. Luffa is sustainable, renewable and vegan-friendly Check out our other products by clicking the button below.




Love love love my luffa!!
I left it behind at a cabin I was staying at and immediately went out and purchased another!!


- Marilyn Roberts


Making an Impact Across the Globe


Environmental Sustainability is a critical value for Annapolis Valley Luffa.

Make a change in your home today and use the natural, Canadian grown luffa. You will be helping to ensure that our oceans and waterways don't get clogged up with micro-plastics. You will help our environment start to improve - all it takes is small steps, so come help us.


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This is our administration office not where we grow the luffa.

506 Avonport Rd, Avonport,
NS B0P 1B0, Canada


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